Feature film
Estimated release: March 2021
Runtime: 110 min
Script: Kristián Suda
Director: Zdeněk Jiráský
Producers: Olga Raitoralová – Fulfilm (CZ), Marian Urban – ALEF FILM&MEDIA (SK)

Kryštof, a youth approaching adulthood, is living as a new postulant before taking his vows in a community of monks somewhere in Šumava. Not only does he share with the brothers their world of contemplation, but also their role as a link in the long chain smuggling fugitives from the Communist regime across the border to Bavaria. He wanted to flee from the world into a monastery, but he have to flee in order to save life itself and so that he could understand how brutal political power twists character and at the same time gives the last chance to resist and to save a loved one.